happy caregiver with elderly on wheelchairWe want to give you control. We want you to have a say over how your health is managed. We want to give you freedom – Freedom Now Home Care is here to support you in your daily challenges.

Our services cover a wide range of needs. In your home, life can be more comfortable and easier even if you have been hospitalized recently or if you face challenges in your transition to old age.

an elderly couple smiling

We are proud to serve all counties in the state of Pennsylvania, no matter how large or small. To areas that are difficult to serve due to geographic location and other various factors, we will try our hardest to meet your needs even if it’s referring you to another great Home Care company.

We offer you and your family with these services:

Assisting you at home with household chores

Keeping you company during the day

Light-duty Housekeeping
Assisting you with home maintenance and general upkeep

Personal Care & Hygiene
Assistance with activities of daily living

Grooming and Bathing Assistance
Keeping you healthy by maintaining your personal hygiene.

Meal Preparation
Preparing snacks and any other major meal of the day. We can even help you maintain a certain diet if needed for personal/health reasons.

Errand Assistance
Completing small errands that need to be accomplished throughout the day (i.e. picking up dry cleaning, groceries, etc.).


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